KomputerStore.com is a complete Technology Solution Provider in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. We specialize in Microsoft based technologies and network infrastructure designs of small, medium and large organizations. With the broadest range of capabilities, from consulting and system integration to outsourcing, we offer companies of all sizes the best total one stop IT solution that they need to grow and prosper.

We specialize in providing On-Site and Off-Site technical support and troubleshooting for computers, printers, servers and networks. Our highly qualified team of technicians is certified to handle any computer related problem. We also offer website design, web hosting, database design, visual basic application development, e-commerce, local and wide area networking, Internet/Intranet design and business server/workstation sales, repair, upgrade and hardware installations.

We have helped our clients manage and profit from every major wave of change in information technology (IT) for more than 12 years. We will take care of your IT infrastructure, giving you the peace of mind and time to concentrate on your business. While many people talk about successful partnerships, We believe it is best achieved through developing a thorough understanding of the real world needs and problems a business is facing. With this unique understanding, We go beyond simple fixes to truly innovative, effective, and cost efficient solutions.

From start to finish, We offer complete computer solutions customized for all your business needs. We provide computer equipment including hardware and software, computer repair, network installation and security, web site design and web hosting, database programming and development, virus and worm removal and other technical support. Whatever your computer needs, We are happy to assist you.

KomputerStore.com is a world leader in helping clients use information technologies to achieve business objectives. Our culture of listening to and working with our customers has been and always will be our hallmark. Throughout our history, we have identified emerging, turbulent shifts in technology and applied this knowledge to our clients' problems, helping them achieve the result they require.

We work with organizations connecting to the internet to provide them with as seamless connection as possible. We also host www services at low costs so that entry into the internet market is as accessible as possible. Our full range of products and services offer complete solutions designed to include everything your organization needs to connect to and do business on the Internet.

We are committed to provide complete information services. We use our extensive knowledge and experience in network and systems integration to offer our clients the highest quality products and consulting services. We strive to provide businesses with productive and reliable computer systems that improve their overall productivity.

We not only provide services to online business, but also traditional businesses. Our database designers specialize in converting old database systems to new systems.

At KomputerStore.com we do not believe that a consultant can be a salesman and still retain their unbiased perspective. That is why KomputerStore.com does not only provide high speed internet access to general public, but we also sell knowledge, expertise and experience that can come only from eight years of designing, installing and maintaining business network systems.

We can act as your system analysis team, your software specification and selection team, your system integrator or your software training department. KomputerStore.com can design every single element of your business and home, starting from a very simple web page to a wide variety of advanced and complicated computer network structures. Our expert representatives can design your network topology, oversee the specification, bidding, and installation of your network, train your Network administrators or become an out source for any of your system management functions.









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