(New) Mobile App Development
We now off custom app development for Mobile Platforms - Android and Apple IOS. Please stop by at our store to discuss your needs.


Computer & Laptop Repair
Our certified technicians are available at our retail location during business hours to take care of any computer and laptop repair problem. We provide free estimates for repair, if the computer is brought to our store.

Emergency Support
It is always at five o'clock on a Friday night when one of your business critical machines stops working. You have a report to get out and the computer just won't work. We specialize in fixing minor problems over the phone or via remote access and can usually resolve most errors within minutes. If the problem is down to faulty hardware, we can supply a loan machine for a few hours or days, while we fix your hardware.

Wireless and Wired Network Setup
Our highly qualified technicians are experts in setting up wireless networks in large organizations with multiple access points. We setup wireless in such a manner that it covers your entire workplace without any drops by switching from one access point to the other.

Remote Server Administration
We have server administrators and certified security experts that can monitor, maintain and enhance your business servers, data and applications servers, file and mail servers remotely. With server maintenance, you will be sure to catch a problem before it brings your network down.

Tape-less Backup System for Servers
We have recently invented a new tape-less backup system called DyMM. Unlike tape backup systems, our system consists of 6 or more removable hard drives. Each hard drive can save up to 750GB data. With 12 hard drives, the total backup capacity can be as high as 9 TB (9,000 GB). No backup system available in the market can come close to our design. DyMM costs 75% less than the leading backup systems available in the market.

Hardware and Software
Samís Internet Club can supply full range of software and hardware products. Weather you are looking for a mouse, or a complicated server with automatic backup; we have it all.

Retail Presence & Free Estimates
We have a retail hardware and software store in Gloucester City. Unlike other consultants, we diagnose computer equipment free of charge, if brought to our retail store. Minor issues can be fixed in the store while you wait.

Remote Access
Did you know that you can access your home computer or business server or desktop remotely from anywhere in the world? We can configure your Internet Connection Devices like firewalls and routers to setup Remote Access.

FREE Website Consultation
If you think , your company needs a website or you already have a website and would like to make some changes, give us a call and we will arrange for a free phone or in-person consultation at your convenience.

Web Development
We have a team of experienced Programmers and Software Developers overseas to do any kind of web development and software development work. Due to out sourcing, we can offer such low prices that no one else can offer. We have website packages starting as low as $99. Flash based website packages start from $499. Turnkey Websites ( also start at $99.

Our design staff is experienced in HTML, Dynamic HTML, Macromedia Flash, JAVA, JavaScript, CGI, php, ASP, VB script and more. We pride ourselves on having the ability to bring the best of your business to the web. Our talented web artists are experienced in all aspects of web site design. They can create the kind of look and feel that's just right for your business. We have designed and delivered over 850 websites in the last 5 years.

Web Hosting provides the finest in web hosting. Combining great plans with undeniable value, we accommodate to your needs and for your critical mission in the World Wide Web. Different hosting plans and dedicated servers are available according to your needs. For more information and pricing, please visit our website at

Website Promotion
Every good product and service needs promotion. You might have the world finest product or service, but if people don't know about it, no one will come to your website. We offer several web promotion packages and search engine submission services. Please visit for a free Traffic Exchange service.

NOTES: Not all services are performed by We work with licensed sub-contractors to perform certain work, that require license. For example, for website promotion, we have certified google promotion specialists who work with us as sub-contractors. Alarms and monitoring service is provided by another licensed sub-contractor "Total Protection". Web Hosting service is provided by Host Gator. Mobile app development is performed by an overseas development company whom we are affiliated with.




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